Clock Medical Resident Care Program

The Resident Care program is designed to allow communities to provide medical supplies to their residents and provide a revenue enhancing program at the same time.

A designated person in your community orders from the Clock Medical Website, once per week, all of the medical supplies necessary for the residents of the facility. They can also order stock supplies for the facility for items that you do not wish to bill to the residents. The resident orders are custom labeled and available in unit of use quantities that are not provided with any other program. These orders are picked, packed, and shipped from our warehouses together, eliminating freight charges, and consolidating the receipt of product to once per week.

Orders are then billed to the resident with your facility markup already integrated into the pricing. The destination based sales tax is also provided on the bill, keeping you in compliance with all sales tax rules in your state. The invoices are downloaded from the website via Microsoft Excel template and added to your resident statements for collection. Integration with the VITALS Software for billing purposes is also available.

You are able to use the software to pass items out of your stock closet to the residents’ bill in case you run out of supplies between weekly orders or a new resident enters your facility. We provide custom bills back to the facility that tie out each customer order and allow you to pay for the supplies and sales tax while you keep the difference as your revenue on a monthly basis.

This program is available for communities located in the following states: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. More states are coming soon so if you have an interest please check back!

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