Clock Medical Supply, Inc. is one of the few Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers of medical supplies. Because of our provider agreements, we can help you with billing for Wound Care, Urological Supplies, Ostomy Products, and Enteral Feeding Products.

Wound Care:

Requirements: Patient must have a wound caused by:

  • A pressure ulcer (unstageable, II, III, IV)
  • A diabetic ulcer
  • An arterial or venous stasis ulcer
  • Surgery
  • Burns

Covered Items: Primary & Secondary Dressings

  • Hydrocolloid Dressings
  • Hydrogel Dressings
  • Foam Dressing
  • Composite Dressings
  • Calcium Alginate
  • Transparent Film
  • Contact Layers
  • Gauze (impregnated and non-impregnated)

Urological Supplies:

Requirements: Patient must have incontinence or retention. Catheter has to be permanent (3 months or longer).

Covered Items:

  • Indwelling Catheter Kit
    • Foley Catheter
    • Insertion Tray
    • Urinary Drainage Bag
  • Intermittent Catheter
  • Male External Catheters
  • Leg Bags
  • Appliance Cleaner
  • Tape
  • Adhesive Anchoring Device or Leg Strap
  • Underpads(Kansas Medicaid only)

Ostomy Products:

Requirements: Patient must have a surgically created opening to divert urine, feces, or ilial contents.

Covered Items:

  • Skin Barriers
  • Drainable Pouch/Closed Pouch
  • Seal/Skin Barrier Ring
  • Paste
  • Adhesive Remover Wipes
  • Skin Prep Wipes
  • Deodorant/Appliance Cleaner
  • Powder
  • Belt
  • Tape
Enteral Nutrition:


  • Enteral nutrition must be the sole source of nutrition for the patient
  • Must be fed through g-tube, j-tube or nasogastric tube
  • Must be permanent (3 months or longer)

Covered Items:

  • Formula
  • Administration Kits
  • G-tubes
  • J-tubes
  • Nasogastric tubes