As a health care consumer, wouldn't you want to know if your health care provider is going above and beyond to ensure the safety and quality of your care?

When a health care organization voluntarily seeks accreditation or certification, it demonstrates a strong commitment to giving safe, high quality health care and to continually work to improve that care.

Clock Medical Supply sought accreditation and earned it through the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, one of the most recognizable and strict accrediting organizations in the nation.

Benefits of Accreditation:
  • - Helps organize and strengthen patient safety efforts
  • - Strengthens community confidence in the quality and safety of care, treatment and services
  • - Provides a competitive edge in the marketplace
  • - Improves risk management and risk reduction
  • - May reduce liability insurance costs
  • - Provides education to improve business operations
  • - Provides professional advice and counsel, enhancing staff education
  • - Provides a customized, intense review
  • - Enhances staff recruitment and development
  • - Provides deeming authority for Medicare certification
  • - Recognized by insurers and other third parties
  • - Provides a framework for organizational structure and management
  • - May fulfill regulatory requirements in select states
  • - Provides tools for accredited organizations
  • - Aligns health care organizations with one of the most respected names in health care

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Benefits of Accreditation:

The Joint Commission has a longstanding commitment to providing meaningful information about the comparative performance of accredited organizations to the public.

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Complaint Process:

Clock Medical Supply cares about its customers and respects complaints. If you have encountered an issue while dealing with us, the following link and flyer can help you to place a complaint with The Joint Commission.

Complaint Process
Complaint Flyer